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Ted Bendixson
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I make apps and games for Mac OS and iOS. Avid terrain park snowboarder. Park City, UT.
Handmade Hero Starting With OSX Platform Layer
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Hey everyone,

I've started up a tutorial series that attempts to follow the Handmade Hero series as if Casey had started on a Mac instead of a P.C. I'm hoping it'll help people who are beginning from a Mac and don't want to go buy a P.C. just to follow along.

First article here:

I've also got a public Github Repo with folders for each day, which I plan to complete as I follow along and write tutorials for the Mac OS platform layer.

Github Repo:

I also want to give an absurd amount of thanks to Casey and Jeff Buck, without whom none of this would be possible. I finally feel like I'm learning something new and valuable in my career and I can only hope to share that with others who are similarly motivated.

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Handmade Hero Starting With OSX Platform Layer
G'day Ted,

I just registered here so I could say thanks and great work on these articles!

They're really well written and paced, and I'm having fun doing a little translation from objective-c to swift as I go through them.

Working on a non-Xcode project (just using Xcode as a text editor) really made me appreciate how much I rely on auto-complete for using the Apple frameworks and libraries - don't know what you've got 'til it's gone and all that. I ended up making an Xcode command-line project to do the dev in, then in my build bash file I copy the file out of there into the 'clean' handmade style folder. Seems to work pretty well.

Please keep up the great series!

And now, for everyone else's benefit - here are the next few articles Ted's written:

Day 002 Article
Day 002 Repo

Day 003 Article
Day 003 Repo

Day 004 Article
Day 004 Repo