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I am finalspace and do programming since more than 25 years, started on C64 and got serious with borland delphi. Nowadays i use C/C++ only.
Bad quality for Day 650 and 651 on youtube

In the latest recordings of handmade 650 and 651 on youtube, the videos have very bad quality (360p). I tried with different browsers and different devices - all same issue. Maybe the videos are not uploaded correctly?

Normally I would comment that on the video itself, but Casey has disabled the comments entirely.

Does anyone have the same issue?

Asaf Gartner
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Bad quality for Day 650 and 651 on youtube

This happened before a few times. Usually youtube sorts itself out after a while.

Mārtiņš Možeiko
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Bad quality for Day 650 and 651 on youtube
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Probably because these videos have unusually long length compared to previous ones, the YT encoder put them in some kind of low-priority queue because channel is not a very big one - so it takes a while to get all the resolutions encoded.

You can get original OBS recorded files from Resilio Sync share. No recompression / quality reduction by online streaming services. Here: https://hero.handmade.network/forums/code-discussion/t/3242-downloading_videos_using_resilio_sync_formerly_bittorrent_sync