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Axel Daguerre
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I am new to Handmade Hero and i am struggling with VS
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Hi, i started my first day of Handmade Project, i watched the first 5 days of C with windows Videos too. I am Struggling at 48 min of the video where we have to use devenv with the exe. here is my issue, it open on visual studio properly but when i am trying to set the properties of my exe to change the path to \build i have a blank page, i can't do anything, i tried to configure from the menu at the top in visual studio but i couldn't find it.
I don't know if i am in the right place here, but as we can't comment on Youtube videos i don't know where to find my solution, maybe it is my version of visual studio ?
Thank you.
Mārtiņš Možeiko
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I am new to Handmade Hero and i am struggling with VS
If you are using VS2019 then most likely you are seeing same big as in this thread: https://hero.handmade.network/for...bug_options_in_vs2019_for_the_exe

Check my answer there for a workaround.