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Abner Coimbre
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Abner's Schedule
Edited by Abner Coimbre on Reason: Andrew repping for me.
Some asked what my schedule looks like. Take a look and I hope I get to meet you.



o Arrive at Seattle-Tacoma Airport @ 2:30PM PST

o Speedi Car Services drops me at my hotel @ 4:00PM PST (Assumption)

o Explore Seattle on my own


o Hotel Breakfast

o Handmade Con @ 9:45AM PST
    Nesholm Family Lecture Hall (Address below)
    321 Mercer Street, Downtown Seattle
o Handmade Network Lunch @ 1:00-2:15PM PST (Outside Venue)
    Eating with the following community members, who replied to my lunch offer the earliest:
    Asaf Gartner
    Clay Murray
    Daniel Bokser
    Keenan Cole
    Jordan Duval
    James Fulop
    Mikkel Hjortshøj
    Mio Iwakura
    Ryan Fleury
    William Bundy
    ... for a total of 10 community members. I'm sorry I capped it there, but I want to personally get to know new members, and leave space for minority groups. If you identify as a member of an underrepresented group (see Diversity section), e-mail me at [email protected]. You guys will receive an e-mail or Twitter DM about our restaurant reservation before Saturday. Pricing will be reasonable.
o Handmade Con Resumes @ 2:30PM PST

o Private dinner @ 6:00PM PST

o Enjoy company with old friends @ 8:00PM PST

o Back at hotel by midnight


o Hotel Breakfast

o Handmade Con @ 9:45AM PST

o Open to Talk @ 1:00-2:25PM PST (Inside Venue)
    According to Casey: "We will have the reception area available where you can purchase lunch from the venue and have seating available for eating and chatting."
    I'll be available at the reception area.
o Handmade Con Resumes @ 2:30PM PST

o Head back to hotel @ 6:00PM PST
    Speedi Car Services hotel pickup @ 7:45PM PST
EDIT: The flight was booked not knowing the Job Fair was so late Sunday. Therefore, the Handmade Network table will be manned by Andrew Chronister. He will have our swag & personal business cards.

o Understand reality is about to hit back hard @ Abner O'Clock EST
Abner Coimbre
321 posts
Abner's Schedule
Those inquiring about my ride: https://www.speedishuttleseattle.com/