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Asaf Gartner
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#9236 HMCon 2016 Meetups
2 years ago

Meetups Spreadsheet

We can use this to organize meetups before or after the con.
There's already one meetup lined up.
Matt Mascarenhas
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#9237 HMCon 2016 Meetups
2 years ago

Beautiful. Asaf, you're the man now, dog!
JR Smith
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#9309 HMCon 2016 Meetups
2 years ago

Thank you for setting this up! I'll be out the week before the con for work and am looking forward to meeting people.
Jake Johnson
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#9310 HMCon 2016 Meetups
2 years ago

Now I wish I was getting in earlier.
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#9322 HMCon 2016 Meetups
2 years ago

I look forward to meeting you guys!

Timothy Barnes
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#9323 HMCon 2016 Meetups
2 years ago

I have time between Thursday afternoon to Monday morning.
Has anyone here visited the Living Computer Museum before?
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#9339 HMCon 2016 Meetups
2 years ago

I'll be around from midnight Friday until about 9pm Sunday. So I'm down to meet folks either late Friday or all evening Saturday.

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Daniel F. Hanson
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#9416 HMCon 2016 Meetups
2 years ago

Greetings, all! I called 8oz Burger and made an overflow table reservation for tomorrow (Thursday) night, so I'm hoping to nudge over and lurk in the main table conversation. There's room for two more people, and they mentioned another 5-person table in case even more people sneak in.

I also created a Campfire BBQ entry in the Meetup sheet for Saturday evening. I haven't actually made a reservation yet, because I wanted to gauge interest first. I plan on going there for dinner regardless, but please do feel free to add your name and join me. If enough people sign up, I'll make the reservation tomorrow.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!
Quade Zaban
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#9418 HMCon 2016 Meetups
2 years ago

Hello! Many thanks to Asaf for setting this up. My agenda is going to be open all weekend. Very much looking forward to meeting up with people!