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Suggested Videos and Lectures
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There's kind of a nascent collection of these over on the subreddit, but I think it makes a lot of sense to have a thread here, so people can post suggestions, discuss them inline, have a long-running highly-visible record of all activity, and other such forum-related tomfoolery that reddit's "Post once, flurry-of-discussion, gone forever" mentality doesn't support.

Anyway, I'll start with the ones already posted up there, plus a few others that aren't straight from the stream, and hopefully others will add more below as they think of them or they're brought up on HH itself.

Chandler Carruth: Zero Cost Abstractions - Here's a Chandler Carruth talk that shows a bit of what it costs to have compilers clean up after you, where that can break down, and what C++11 means to all that. If anyone else knows other great Carruth talks, I'd love to get some links to them.

Casey Muratori: Immediate Mode GUI Design - Casey talked about this a bit on the stream. It's an interesting (and imo refreshing) take on how to create simple GUIs while avoiding the use of tons of GUI boilerplate. This was a long time ago (as you can tell from the video), and much has been done in this direction since then by others.

Casey Muratori: API Design - This was mentioned in a stream but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

Mike Acton: Data Oriented C++ - A very interesting talk by the lead engine dev at Insomniac about high-performance code. Jon Blow keeps recommending this talk over and over. A lot about carefully structured data and thinking hard about the low-level details of the machine.

Jonathan Blow: Attempting Deep Work - A great talk by Jon about how to work on something that is really meaningful to you, really hard, and really time consuming, and why it's worth it to do so.
Casey Muratori
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Casey Muratori is a programmer at Molly Rocket on the game 1935 and is the host of the educational programming series Handmade Hero.
Suggested Videos and Lectures
This is a good idea, yes. We can also hoist this information out onto a permanent page on the site once there's a generally agreed-upon set of links!

- Casey
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Suggested Videos and Lectures
I would also add to the list:
Chandler Charrut: Efficiency with... Performance with Data Structures - Talk at CppCon 2014; a lot of great insight about algorithms, data structures and how to make them play nicely with the compiler

Chandler Charrut: Optimizing the Emergent Structures of C++ - Another great talk at the Boost Conference 2013 on how the optimizer works and how to take that into account when coding. It was shared on Twitter by Jonathan Blow.
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Suggested Videos and Lectures
This guy has great game-dev math videos: Link

How James Benson animates things
Johan Öfverstedt
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Suggested Videos and Lectures
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This is another presentation by Jonathan Blow which I found quite interesting: Implementing rewind in Braid

If you want to see how much cruft C++ can accumulate when implementing a library with it, watch the A9-channel with Alexander Stepanov (creator of STL). A lot of good stuff on algorithms though.
A9-Youtube channel

Some commentary on using C++ in AAA-games from the recent CppCon:
CppCon 2014: Nicolas Fleury "C++ in Huge AAA Games"

And another video from CppCon on MultiCore game-development at UBISOFT:
CppCon 2014: Jeff Preshing "How U...lticore - Before and After C++11"

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Suggested Videos and Lectures
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To add to Uberstedt's link to the creator of STL, let me recommend STL himself, Microsoft's Stephan T. Lavavej (who maintains Microsoft's C++ Standard Library Implementation).

His videos will have a significantly different slant from the other "kill it with fire" perspectives on C++ features, and I think that's a side very much worth seeing. If you're going to be around something, it's important to understand it.
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Suggested Videos and Lectures
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Not direct about programming, but a very good article how the communication with the GPU works: Render Hell by Simon Trümpler. It also has cute animations.
We are still very far away in Handmade Hero to actually work with the GPU, because we want to write our rendering from scratch first, but for all who want a glimpse about GPU rendering without too much technical details (as a programmer - the author is a artist though), this gives you a nice overview :)
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Suggested Videos and Lectures
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And if you want to dive deep into GPUs, check out this absolutely fantastic course by John Owens at UC Davis. Note that if you want to go through the entire course, you should know that the linked playlist is jumbled.

Here's the correct viewing order:
Introduction / Course Overview
OpenGL Graphics Pipeline Overview
Graphics Performance and Characterization
VLSI Trends: Why Graphics Hardware Is Fast
Not in playlist (search on youtube):
Overflow from the Pipeline Lectures
Juggling the Pipeline

And check Owens' Teaching Site for text materials for the above course as well as more courses by him (including one on Udacity that I didn't know about until now!)

Edit: The internet is a really weird place. I just went to the above UC Davis site, read through the links in the course notes for interesting book suggestions, found Jim Blinn's works, went to a wikipedia page about him, found his educational video contributions, went to find clips from Project MATHEMATICS!, and then found *this page*, which, along with a sad dead-embed shadow cast by the now-defunct google video service, has a comment made in 2007 by Pseudonym, who I recognized from earlier posts right here on the HH forums. Like I said, the internet is weird.
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Suggested Videos and Lectures
These were just posted by Casey in response to a recent thread.

I haven't watched any of them. But wanted to leave them here so they are easy to find.

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Suggested Videos and Lectures
And if you want to dive deep into GPUs, check out this absolutely fantastic course by John Owens at UC Davis. Note that if you want to go through the entire course, you should know that the linked playlist is jumbled.

Thanks, these look alright.