I'm following the handmadehero series on my linux machine (Manjaro). And using the debugger seems like it's going to be a pivotal part of the development process, looking at the memory view, the disassembly view etc. So using a powerful debugger seems important, therefore I'm attempting to use CLion but for whatever reason I cannot get the debugger to hit any of the breakpoints. I'm using wine to run the executable but the debugging just isn't working, even when I try attach a debugger remotely.

Just as a sanity check I followed David Gow's SDL tutorial (https://davidgow.net/handmadepenguin/default.html) up until where I got to in Casey's tutorial to see if that would work and it does, the debugger seems to work just fine. So It's difficult to pin down the potential issue, is it wine, WinMain, CLion, or some other setup I've done wrong.

In all, I'm just wondering if anyone else has run into this problem and if so could you provide me with any assistance.

Thanks JBA