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Volunteer for setting up a stream
Casey mentioned on twitter that he won't be able to set up a stream himself this time but that he wouldn't mind if somebody would volunteer to do it.
So is there anybody here that would be willing to do that? I would totally pay for a stream and I saw a couple of people on twitter that said they would as well.
Altough having it funded would probably raise expectations for it to actually work reliably, so I'm not sure how good the idea really is.
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Volunteer for setting up a stream
Well, a powerful laptop, USB mixer (for the lav mics), usb capture card and a compatible camera would do it if the place as good enough Internet
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Volunteer for setting up a stream
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I could bring my Razer blade and the stream could run off of that, not sure about all of the other stuff though.
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Volunteer for setting up a stream
I think the actual work is just setting up the stream and having an eye on it every now and then throughout the conference. Casey could probably bring the equipment from last year, or was that mostly part of the library?