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Karan Joisher
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#4730 What are the prerequisites to start this course?
3 years ago

I have basic programming experience in Python and javascript(know topics like OOP)... How much of c and c++ should i know to start with this project?
Bill Strong
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#4731 What are the prerequisites to start this course?
3 years ago

What do you expect to get out of it? If you want an overview of how a Game Engine and Game is made and architected from Scratch, you can start from the beginning now, and you should be able to follow through with a decent understanding of what goes into it.

If you want to use this to learn C, you could, but it will be tough. If you want to program with Casey, you will be able to pick up his style, and kinda better follow what he is doing as well as picking up a good feel for the language. But practicing and experimenting outside of the videos will be key to actual understanding, as with anything.

The series is targeted at those who already know C/C++, but he did give a weeks intro to C on Windows for the first week, so with your python knowledge, you should be able to stay with him. His C week is intended for those that already know a c like language, such as Python, Java or JavaScript.
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#4736 What are the prerequisites to start this course?
3 years ago

C syntax is simple and understandable even by novice programmers as it's free from all the OOP bullshits. You should be able to do a crash course in it and get started with handmade hero. Or even just start right away and figure out how it works by watching casey coding, I guess.

Some basic understanding of how the machine you're running the code on works would be nice to have later in the course, but I'd say just start and eventually do some extra reads or ask here on the forums if you don't understand something.
Casey Muratori
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Casey Muratori is a programmer at Molly Rocket on the game 1935 and is the host of the educational programming series Handmade Hero.

#4746 What are the prerequisites to start this course?
3 years ago

Being a C programmer, I write a lot of pointer and direct memory code as second nature, and that can definitely confuse people who are not used to thinking in terms of memory directly. I think the degree to which the series is easy to follow for someone who programs in another language probably has a lot to do with how well they can follow this sort of thing.

The rest of the concepts on the series are just general programming concepts and should be readily understandable to anyone who is comfortable with programming in general, regardless of language.

- Casey