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I make apps and games for Mac OS and iOS. Avid terrain park snowboarder. Park City, UT.
Mac Platform Layer Update
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Hey everyone. I've been plugging away on my Mac platform layer for Handmade Hero, and I wanted to give you an update.

I have finished the series, at least for now.

There are 25 videos, following the series as if Casey had started on a Mac instead of a P.C. The goal is not to do a full shipping Mac platform layer but rather to get people who are on a Mac up to speed so they can follow along with the series after day 025, when it switches over to the cross-platform game library.

Day 001. Writing your own build system for Mac apps and games.
Day 002. Opening a window on a Mac.
Day 003. Allocating a video display back buffer.
Day 004. Animating the back buffer.
Day 005. Using Xcode as a debugger for cross-platform games.
Day 006. Game controller input.
Day 007. Finishing game controller input.
Day 008. Keyboard input.
Day 009. Finishing Keyboard input.
Day 010. Audio setup and playing a square wave to the speakers.
Day 011. Rendering audio from a circular memory buffer.
Day 012. Controlling a variable pitched sine wave with a game pad.
Day 013. Calculating and logging the game's frame rate.
Day 014. Cross-platform api design and video display output.
Day 015. Cross-platform sound output.
Day 016. Cross-platform game controller input.
Day 017. Platform-Independent Memory.
Day 018. Debug File IO, Part 1.
Day 019. Wrapping up Debug File IO.
Day 020. Enforcing a Video Frame Rate.
Day 021. Custom Clang Compiler Switches.
Day 022. Configuring Sound Buffer Audio Latency.
Day 023. Dynamically Loading the Game's Source Code.
Day 024. Live Game Code Editing.
Day 025. Looped Live Code Editing.

I have also created a git repo for the video series so you can follow along day by day, just as you would with the original streams.
Handmade Hero Mac Platform Layer Following my Video Series.

I do have a a complete Mac Platform Layer, at least one that gets you past day 025. It's not a shipping thing, and it's not as cleanly done as the one following my video series, more of a first stab at best (but still useful).

I'll keep providing updates as I do more videos. Please send your Mac-related questions to [email protected]
Oliver Marsh
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Mac Platform Layer Update
Wow, thanks for taking the time to do this :)
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Mac Platform Layer Update
Great job! Thanks for keeping up with this. :D