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Twitch chat Q&A question website proposal
Increasing numbers of @cmuratori questions are potentially being asked with the streams continuing and the code getting more complex. Casey seems to understandably be having more difficulty keeping his place reading through the list, and occasionally getting a little annoyed if someone asks a question totally unrelated to the stream's code.

Since we already have a Chronalrobot with features like !what and !almondmilk, I had an idea that someone with more IRC and web development experience than me might be able to do.

It would be neat to have a chat robot that detects all @cmuratori chat lines during the stream and dumps them into a very lightweight list on a website. This list could have some easy interface for a specific set of trusted moderators to gray-out questions that aren't related to programming, or aren't related to the stream.

This would allow Casey to still read the grayed-out questions if he wants to, and could also make it very easy for him to keep track of which questions he answered. Maybe there could also be a button for Casey to click to mark a question answered so it is even easier to keep his place in the list.

If anyone has suggestions or thinks this is a good idea, perhaps it could be discussed.
Andrew Chronister
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Twitch chat Q&A question website proposal
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This is definitely something that would be good to do, though I'm not really sure how necessary it is at the current time. There hasn't been too much noise in recent Q&As and the community is pretty good about addressing the worst of it as it happens.

That being said, if anyone else feels like it's important or necessary then I can definitely build a function into ChronalRobot or we can look at other options. It is certainly something to think about.

Note: should I create a thread for the 'bot for suggestions? I think I need to look at maybe having a whitelist or limited period for some of the commands so that the stream doesn't get spammed too badly, like the !random incident tonight.
I can also put the code that I've written up on GitHub if people want to help contribute, I've already got it in a git repo for personal organization (though my commit messages are a little...uh...unprofessional) so it would not be much of a hassle at all.
Casey Muratori
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Twitch chat Q&A question website proposal
(This is apropos of nothing, but I didn't know about ChronalRobot, and my wife was watching the stream tonight and told me about it after... so awesome! Thanks for making that!!)

- Casey
Tod Hansmann
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Twitch chat Q&A question website proposal
Ah, as I mentioned in another thread, I can help integrate the bot into a Flask or Pyramid app (I could also do django, if someone can provide a compelling reason to use that behemoth for this).
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Twitch chat Q&A question website proposal
Yes I second this. I've never made a bot before but I'm willing to put in manpower.

and chonalrobot should definitely offer users a chance to cancel their own question if they realize how stupid it is.

I would use that feature definitely probably
Twitch chat Q&A question website proposal
Hi there, bought the pre-order but that was before I owned my account, now I got the 30 days worth of code but now where do I go to download the following days?
Iker Murga
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Twitch chat Q&A question website proposal
Keep the link in the email you received. Once Casey does more streams he uploads it and you can download it through that same link. Friday's stream was day 30 so day 31 will be available a little after end of stream on monday.
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Twitch chat Q&A question website proposal
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I was thinking along the same lines as the OP, that something needs to be changed with the Q&A, but I thought it might be better to move the Q&A to the beginning of each day, rather than the end. This has several advantages:

- It allows people to email questions for the next day, meaning people who cannot watch the stream can also ask questions.
- People get to consider what was done in the stream more thoroughly and therefore come up with better questions.
- Casey has time to consider what questions to answer and how best to answer them.