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Casey's opinion on ads
I didn't know where to post this so i posted it here.
Here is Casey's answer to post ads on the stream :cheer: :ohmy: :

It is unlisted on youtube so only those with the link can view it so if there's any problem with me posting it I can remove it!
Nines Baobaberson
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Casey's opinion on ads
I love how Casey can just go on like that for like a full 5 minutes with a completely straight face.

The presteam is a treasure trove for this kind of stuff.

Make sure to check out the one for day 64 while it's still available, he lays out a micro-transaction model for handmade hero.

"We haven't even mentioned whales at this point, which are huge." My god, we need a twitter bot that posts random Casey quotes #nocontext. Or, maybe just a quote list... yes, someone ought to keep a quote list!
David Owens II
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Casey's opinion on ads
His rants are usually pretty hilarious. It would be awesome if these were archived somewhere as well.
Ameen Sayegh
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Casey's opinion on ads
what ?!

Is Ads Considered a good thing ?

I see of ads company as the most greedy annoying irritating disgusting thing I've ever saw because of the way they bother the user.

Wherever you look, Wherever you click, Whatever you think that is the content you want, It is actually ads.
Even if you hover over something you will get a popup window or redirected somewhere.

Internet browsing becomes exhaustive war for the user.
you are always cautious do I click this ?? hmm, OK safe! no no no, Close it! Close it! Go back! Ooh.

Even More, if you tried to download some file or application, Only God know how many Adware-Malware program, extension or service you will get as bonus!!
Then you will see ads not only in your browser but on your Desktop!!!

That if you are a person who has experience browsing the web and know what he is doing
I'm not talking about a child or old man barely know how to type on keyboard.

I can't thank enough the person how create Ad-block chrome Extension, I think he has done the best thing offered on the internet for internet browsing.

on the other hand Google ads is very gentle and respectful in the way they display their ads and the only exception I think of

If you are someone who think I am right and he is tired from this nonsense I highly recommend you installing Ad-block extension.
Or if you are already a victim for these, I'm sorry I can't help you because this is long and it is hard to figure out how these software are installed and where they are hidden.

And sorry for those companies that want to advertise their products I'm not going to disable Adblock not after I saw the benefits.
Carlos Gabriel Hasbun Comandari
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Casey's opinion on ads
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He used Sarcasm.

Yes, AdBlock plus is an excellent extension for Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome, I don't know if there is an Internet Explorer version.

Ads are psychological abominations to humanity, much like Prussian based schooling.

Advertisement derives from consumerism, in which people are merely recipients of repetitive and skewed information about mostly unnecessary products, whilst degrading society by sequestering attention from large audiences, promoting consumerism and causing huge damage to forestal reserves and increasing CO2 emissions.
Andrew Bromage
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Casey's opinion on ads
He used Sarcasm.

(+1 from me for the Monty Python reference)
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Casey's opinion on ads
use uBlock