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#14849 Keyboards for the hand made heros?
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Not sure if the topic of the title would fit in this section of the forum, feel free to delete it if that's the case. I prefer to hear the opinion of real handmade heros: colleagues that really type code and not just play games or are IT managers.

My ideal keyboard has a US layout, bit ENTER key, compact. Whether mechanical or not, is really not important, I also know that the less pressure we use the better for our posture, which makes mechanical a worse choice for me. I had some health and posture issues and I got recommended to avoid the mechanical ones.

These two are my winners so far

Topre Realforce

Share your personal preference and why, it would be also nice to know what is Mr. Muratori's personal preference :)

I believe I can get great feedback in this community.

Miguel Lechón
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#14851 Keyboards for the hand made heros?
2 weeks, 4 days ago

I think you'll enjoy the Jeff and Casey show on keyboards.

My personal choice is the IBM M4-1, the standalone version of the IBM L40sx laptop keyboard. The M4 has short key travel and it's soft but not mushy. Key weight varies depending on the manufacturer (unicomp, lexmark, keytronic) and year of production. I have a newish black lexmark which is on the soft side and an older white keytronic with a firmer touch. The trackpoint is not good by today's standards, but it's easy to ignore. The thing I would change about them is the placement of the right alt key, which should be one key to the left to fall under the right thumb when the right index finger is on the 'j' key.

I've used other mechanical keyboards in the past (topre, cherry blue and brown) and a few thinkpads (2002 and 2010 models) and I still prefer the M4. The one's on ebay right now are a bit expensive, but you can get one for around $30-$60 from time to time.

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#14853 Keyboards for the hand made heros?
2 weeks, 4 days ago

Thanks for sharing the podcast, I was sure Casey had covered this ... there ya go.

M4, that's an interesting choice, maybe am lucky and I get one of those.
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#14873 Keyboards for the hand made heros?
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Is there a second episode on the keyboard topic? I think a lot of time was spent talking about the "magical" Daskeyboard 5.
Maybe soon there will another update.

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#15051 Keyboards for the hand made heros?
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IBM Model M and F keyboards are my favorites, however a super rare keyboard I've been wanting to try is the DataHand, but sadly the company closed its doors back in 2008. The last new ones came up for sale a couple of years back, for a paltry $2500 a piece. The reason people pay so much for them, is there are so few of them and they say the keyboard saves their careers from RSI. If you watch the movie Contact with Jodie Foster, you will see a pair on the chair inside the ball spaceship. They are the future that was lost.