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#1568 GDQ TASbot - cool hacking of oldschool games
4 years, 7 months ago Edited by Ruy Calderon on Jan. 5, 2015, 3:09 a.m.

Disclaimer one: I'm sorry this doesn't relate directly to the game or to the code, really, I just thought it was cool and very relevant to the stuff we are doing in general in Handmade_Hero. I'm not sure where general stuff not related directly to handmade hero should go, but I figured erring here would be less taboo than in the Code Discussion section.

Disclaimer two: the stream itself that I am referencing is a fundraiser, raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation so it's something that I'm watching anyway, I just thought this particular part was be relevant. I hope this is does not qualify as plugging because it's truly not meant to be.

So this is live and just happened a few minutes ago, but essentially a bunch of crazy guys hacked a super nintendo, playing pokemon, using an emulator to stream the twitch.tv chat using the controller cable (essentially reprogramming the way the game would interpret the 8-bit controller input). I'm probably not describing that right, but it was a really, really cool thing to see, especially because I kind of understood the guy's explanation of what he was doing--something I would not have been able to do a month ago.

I'm not sure how I could post an accurate rebroadcast to the right time so the best I can do is say that they come on when the donation total is ~88k, if you're curious.
They also use it to savage Choco Mountain in MarioKart 64 to set up an insane level and reprogram Super Mario World to run the original super mario brothers before they do the pokemon/gameboy/super nintendo hack. The entire thing is really wild to see, and probably is around 30-40 minutes in total.

Past broadcasts page, there is an indicator for the amount donated, just look around for when the marker is around ~88k to find it. The guy doing it is wearing an "I love My Wife" T-Shirt, so if you see him on, you're at the right spot