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Web dev. Php. Do not want to talk about that :)
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Oh hey everyone. This is Alexa.
My real name is Alexandra, I am 31, and I am from Romania.
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Languages I speak: Romanian and fluent in English. A little bit of Spanish, a little bit of french and a little bit of Danish.
Programming languages learned: Java, Html, Css, Php, JavaScript, and even a bare minimum of XML.

Nice to meet everyone here! I have started the Tutorial too, and I think I want my next project to be build as handmade. I had a few ideas of games, which I posted in another thread (i think it was cloin's) which just tried to help me out and register my game idea.
I think the scope of my project is nothing more than to learn programming in C, which is something which I should have learned a long time ago, and never somehow found the time.
Anyhow,I was lucky enough to meet the people in the chatroom, you guys still give me the giddy good feels when you are around!
I have no idea how to call my game yet. Maybe I should do a small series of smaller games. Any and every help is greatly appreciated, as well as the whole tutorial.

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Just had an idea to make my son, which is 3 years old, a game that he can play. Games helped me develop quite a lot of skills and cognitive functions while I was young, and I strongly believe that games will help with his, too.
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I'm a student and I like to play online games!
This is a great idea for a game for children who can help in development. My younger brother, for example, began to get Scratch up in 4 years.