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Hello! - My introduction.
Since there is no page for introductions, I figured "Game discussion" is better than "Code discussion".

My name is Manu, and I found this series somewhere this autumn (I think). And now I decided to jump around the forums, and I saw a "login button". Then I hit "create you account". But then, because of username choice, I made another account. So I now have 2 accounts. Is that illegal? My consciousness tells me it's not all right. So if someone deletes this account, I'd be glad.

That's one almost useless introduction, but next time I post, it'll be better!
Wish you (the community and Casey, of course) all the best!
And thanks.
Carlos Gabriel Hasbun Comandari
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Hello! - My introduction.
Given that there is no other page more suitable for testing purposes, I will say "hi" and "welcome" and "wubitiwo".