Do you remember if you saw `Windows Desktop Application Development' or `Windows Desktop App development' in the package list ?

I ask because I am (97%) certain I had downloaded `Windows Desktop Application development', and it was complete,

then at some point got an `update' of some sort from Microsoft (or chose to update, whichever.) at which point I got `Windows Desktop App development' instead of 'Windows Desktop Application development'

It was incomplete, and when I would look for, for instance, `setsockopt' it would show me the online and prompt me to download a book to see it offline, called `Windows Desktop Application Development', that I couldn't find

However, by downloading the `Windows API Reference' book, I could find it by browsing through the index (in Networking>Winsock2) F1 on the function would still look online in the missing book.

I've reported the problem to Microsoft,