Since IACA was deprecated in 2019 and as of Day 120 MSVC is still the compiler being used, is there a good alternative to IACA? Additionally, I need a code analyzer that has support for ZEN1 architecture as I'm running a Ryzen 7 1700.

I have tried to use the open source architecture code analyzer (OSACA) but have had several issues trying to insert the byte mark in the assembly. My most recent issue is with regards to a BSS section marker in my asm file not being parsable, giving the following error: ValueError: Could not parse instruction on line 8: '_BSS\tSEGMENT'

The IACA page suggests using LLVM-MCA but wouldn't this be incompatible with MSVC's output? I'd like to avoid switching to CLang if possible and was hoping someone else had an alternative readily available.

Thank you!

EDIT: After watching the intro to Day 121, inserting the byte mark for OSACA made much more sense and I wrote a macro to mimic what IACA does. Coincidentally, it seems the byte mark for IACA is the same as the marker for OSACA so the macro was a cut and paste from the IACA header file. For others' reference, the byte mark for x86 code analysis with OSACA is documented here: https://github.com/RRZE-HPC/OSACA#x86-markers

I'm still having no luck getting OSACA to parse the assembly output from MSVC. If anyone has pointers on that front or an alternative it would still be much appreciated.