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how does two "main()" work?

I'm back at taking a look at the code, so apologize if this is clearly explained somewhere. I noticed two things:

in win32_handmade.cpp we have


which I assume is the real first call for win32

but in simple_preprocessor.cpp we have a main() as well.

Tried to find the episode where this is shown but didn't find "preprocessor" in the guide.

So how does that work?


Mārtiņš Možeiko
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how does two "main()" work?
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There can be only one "main" entry point in executable.

simple_preprocessor.cpp is compiled to separate .exe file independently of win32_handmade.cpp file. Check the build.bat file to see how it is compiled.

If you are not aware - you can search in episode guide. Here's the simple_preprocessor.cpp search with finding exact episodes when it was created: https://guide.handmadehero.org/#simple_preprocessor.cpp

100 posts
how does two "main()" work?
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Thx Martins, dumb me I searched CTRL-F