Hello, people. I am interested in using a DrawRectangleSlowly() function. Basically, Casey used a rotation around z-axis in his video, but I right know trying to rotate it around x or y axis with projection, and I don't really understand, how I can do it.

Here is a code where I trying to do such a thing:



v2 XAxis = 100*V2(1, 0);

v2 YAxis = Perp(XAxis);

XAxis = rotate_x(V3(XAxis, 0.0f), Angle).xy;

YAxis = rotate_x(V3(YAxis, 0.0f), Angle).xy;

DrawRectangleSlowly(Origin, XAxis, YAxis, 0xFFFF00FF);



I tried to do something like this, but I got only something like zero, only point:

v3 XAxis3 = rotate_x(V3(XAxis, 0.0f), Angle);

v3 YAxis3 = rotate_x(V3(YAxis, 0.0f), Angle);

XAxis = XAxis3.xy / XAxis3.z;

YAxis = YAxis3.xy / XAxis3.z;

DrawRectangleSlowly(Origin, XAxis, YAxis, 0xFFFF00FF);

Basically, the result is not, what I expected to see. I thought, there is would be seen skewing because of a rotation, but the rectangle not really doing the thing I expected to see. Maybe I have not explained it properly because of limitations. Thanks