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Edit & Continue for x64 added in VS2015
A heads up, VS2015 now supports x64 Edit and Continue:

I had essentially not even bothered to try to use this feature for a number of years because it lacked x64 support. Even when I used it with win32, it was pretty slow and didn't work too well.

If anyone gives this a shot on their project, I'd be curious to hear how it goes. Maybe they've improved it and it's worth using now.
Mārtiņš Možeiko
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Edit & Continue for x64 added in VS2015
Never found it useful.

I have seen it break in very strange ways - it looks like you are debugging your new code (in C) but it actually runs your old code (when looking at asm). First few times I spend hours trying to figure out what is wrong because program was complex. After that I turned it off and never looked back.
Ginger Bill
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Edit & Continue for x64 added in VS2015
Edit & Continue is not useful for me either. When I need it, I actually need to create a new function or something outside of the pre-existing code. It's only really useful for changing a variable or two but that is it.

What is useful is what Casey has been doing with HMH and dynamically reload the code and just recompile it as you go.