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lost live editing (kinda)
10 months ago Edited by stat phantom on July 12, 2020, 1:19 p.m. Reason: found solution
Been following along and learning a lot! but all of a sudden the live editing stopped working, it was working fine before and I don't think I've done anything to change it myself, one very odd thing is that if i put a break-point in the platform layer on where I reload the .dll, let visual studio stop on it, then continue running it makes the change. I have messed with the incremental linking and 'edit and continue' options and flags but nothing seems to be working, any ideas?

PS: I am building from the command line not through visual studio, visual studio is only the debugger.

Fixed the issue, posting solution here in case anyone else has the reason.

I don't know why exactly but my copy function when loading the game dll was failing due to being used by another process even though I had freed the library, putting a Sleep(10) before the copy function gave windows enough time to free it and allow the copy to succeed