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Rémy Roy
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I completed the first 20 days of Handmare Hero
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Hi there,

I just completed the first 20 days of handmade hero as I followed along with Casey by watching him explain his thoughts and typing all the code on my own. I've enjoyed myself so far and I think I'm good for another 20 days, but we'll see where it goes. Here are some comments on these:

- Day 20 was the jankiest of all those days. Boy oh boy, I don't know how I managed to follow along, but I think my code is somewhat similar to Casey's code at that point.
- I'm using Visual Studio Code instead of emacs and with a few tweaks here and there, it seems to be working fine for me.
- I'm using a more recent version of Visual Studio Community and cl tool on Windows 10. There are a few minor differences but nothing that stopped me so far.
- It's a bit hard to keep my code in sync with Casey's code when I want to avoid watching the Q&A since he keeps on making changes in there. I might have skipped too much at some point and my code might have started diverging in a way that is going to be hard to reconcile later on.
- Getting sound right is much harder than i thought.
- I wish we would have seen more of the game code itself even if I enjoyed the platform stuff.
- I'm gettting many different ideas for new C/C++ projects while watching him. This is really entertaining and inspiring.
- I didn't get the preorder yet. I wanna see how much I can get and do on my own but it's just a matter of time before I do.

Good stuff. I hope it gets even better!
Miguel Lechón
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I completed the first 20 days of Handmare Hero
I'm certain you're going to enjoy those next 20 episodes even more.
Rafael Abreu
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I completed the first 20 days of Handmare Hero
Next episodes will be much more about making the game systems so you will enjoy it for sure! Sound is indeed pretty complicated and I can totally relate to what you said about the q&a. But don't worry about having it all completely in sync with casey's code, as long as you can understand the meaning of what he's doing that's where the value really is at.

To have new people getting into handmade hero is the best, keep it up and have fun!