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Day 116: Changes for LLVM
Hi Casey,

Would it be possible to get you to make a couple of updates to your codebase for those of us using non-microsoft compilers? (LLVM for me)

In "handmade_platform.h":

1) #include <x86intrin.h>

It's nice to be able to drop in your code with my platform layer and compile straight off the bat.

Thanks, Jez
Mārtiņš Možeiko
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Day 116: Changes for LLVM
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I would prefer that BEGIN_TIMED_BLOCK, END_TIMED_BLOCK and END_TIMED_BLOCK_COUNTED macros would be compiler independent. Only compiler dependent macro should be "#define GET_CYCLE_COUNTER_VALUE __rdtsc".

And not very related to LLVM, but to latest changes - for those counter macros, change "#if _MSC_VER" to "#if COMPILER_MSVC" in handmade_platform.h. Otherwise, what's the point of COMPILER_MSVC define.
Matt Mascarenhas
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Day 116: Changes for LLVM
Thank you for this thread, Jez! Perhaps the #include line was too obvious for the internet to mention. It had this beginner stumped, at least.

And mmozeiko, not sure how I should feel about making the macros compiler independent, so I've simply put Jez's lines in an #if COMPILER_LLVM.

Suppose I'd better actually figure out how to flip the Y-axis in xcb_handmade.cpp at some point, incidentally…
Mārtiņš Možeiko
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Day 116: Changes for LLVM
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You would do it like this:
#define GET_CYCLE_COUNT __rdtsc
#define GET_CYCLE_COUNT __builtin_readcyclecounter
#error How to get cycles?

#define BEGIN_TIMED_BLOCK(ID) uint64 StartCycleCount##ID = GET_CYCLE_COUNT();
#define END_TIMED_BLOCK(ID) DebugGlobalMemory->Counters[DebugCycleCounter_##ID].CycleCount += GET_CYCLE_COUNT() - StartCycleCount##ID; ++DebugGlobalMemory->Counters[DebugCycleCounter_##ID].HitCount;
#define END_TIMED_BLOCK_COUNTED(ID, Count) DebugGlobalMemory->Counters[DebugCycleCounter_##ID].CycleCount += GET_CYCLE_COUNT() - StartCycleCount##ID; DebugGlobalMemory->Counters[DebugCycleCounter_##ID].HitCount += (Count);

This way there's no need to repeat BEGIN_TIMED_BLOCK/END_TIMED_BLOCK macros for each compiler. It would be much better, because when Casey would modify it, they would be automatically up to date for all compilers/platforms.
Kim Jørgensen
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Day 116: Changes for LLVM
+1 for the #include <x86intrin.h> and support for BEGIN_TIMED_BLOCK on other compilers. It would be nice if GCC was supported too.

Is it necessary to discriminate between compilers regarding to intrinsics on the x86 platform? It seems that MSVC, LLVM and GCC all support the format defined by Intel including the __rdtsc operation.

@Miblo: Regarding flipping the Y-axis; I am using the SDL port and had the same problem. After getting annoyed by the slowdown of flipping the Y-axis in the platform layer, I realized that you can ask the game to do it for you. Just advance the memory pointer and negate the pitch:

game_offscreen_buffer Buffer = {};
Buffer.Memory = ((uint8*)GlobalBackbuffer.Memory) + (GlobalBackbuffer.Width * (GlobalBackbuffer.Height-1) * GlobalBackbuffer.BytesPerPixel);
Buffer.Pitch = -GlobalBackbuffer.Pitch;

It works for now, but not sure if Casey will keep this “feature” in the game layer.
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Day 116: Changes for LLVM
+1 for these changes.

I've been using the command line version of Jeff's OSX Port and that's all I need as well:

Here the patch :)

Casey Muratori
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Casey Muratori is a programmer at Molly Rocket on the game 1935 and is the host of the educational programming series Handmade Hero.
Day 116: Changes for LLVM
Roger that guys - I'll try to remember this for Saturday's stream.

- Casey
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Day 116: Changes for LLVM
Thank you :)