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Saba Khutsishvili
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Emacs Configuration
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I've recently started following the series at home and I've been thinking about installing emacs for a long time, so handmade hero inspired me to start using it. I am using Casey's '.emacs' file from source and I'm kinda getting used to it, but a lot of keystrokes are changed so I can't quite search for them. keystrokes I need are:
- Copy
- Cut
- Paste
- Move cursor at the end of file (Like C-A moves it to the start)
these are the ones that i really need :) also, if you write any other useful keystroke i will be thankful.

And another question: I open emacs from command prompt and it loads with '.emacs' file, but where should I put that config file(inside emacs folder), so that every time i open emacs, it will start with that configuration? Right now, when i open emacs from default folder emacs/bin/runemacs.exe it starts with default configuration.
Casey Muratori
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Casey Muratori is a programmer at Molly Rocket on the game 1935 and is the host of the educational programming series Handmade Hero.
Emacs Configuration
There are two things you should look at for keyboard shortcuts: first is the file in the Handmade Hero "misc" directory that lists them, and the second is the tutorial video (https://forums.handmadehero.org/jace/videos/misc/basic_emacs.html). That explains copy/cut/paste. I don't have a key bound to "move cursor to end of file", though, IIRC. You'd have to bind one yourself.

For automatically having Emacs find your .emacs, you have two options. One is to make the shortcut to Emacs have the same commands as the emacs.bat file in it, and the other is to set your Windows environment variables to contain HOME and have that be the directory where the .emacs file resides.

- Casey
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Emacs Configuration
Check out Casey's Basic Emacs Tutorial on the youtube archive. There is a link on the front page. Its the video right after day 21. He writes out all the commands he uses in his .emacs file. Hope this helps. Have a good one!
Saba Khutsishvili
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Emacs Configuration
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Thank you very much, that's what I really needed to truly follow along :)

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Emacs Configuration
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my install of Emacs is definitely using Casey's .emacs file (all his shortcuts are active and it starts split horizontally in two windows), but how to have it start with the same "dark theme" that Casey is using (for me the background is white)?
I'm on Windows 7 (I tried emacs version 24.5 and 23.4, and have the same issue).


[edit] never mind, I had to install the font Casey is using.
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Emacs Configuration

Hello, I know it is an old post, but I have the same problem, so which fonts is Casey using? How to install the fonts?

Thank you

Simon Anciaux
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Emacs Configuration

I can't really help you with emacs, but if you're trying to use it just to follow handmade hero, know that Casey switched to 4coder and it's probably better to go with that directly (or any other editor you like) than to use emacs.

There are a few articles about how to use 4coder custom layer here https://4coder.handmade.network/forums/articles

If you need more help probably the better place is the 4coder discord https://discord.com/invite/NQEdQSU or in the 4coder sub forums https://4coder.handmade.network/forums

A final note is that 4coder is now open source and I don't know if there is a proper location to get the latest update (there might not be updates yet as the open source part is quite recent, but the original author will most likely not update it themself in the future).