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Convert HMH Code Downloads to Git Repositories
Hey everybody, hope this isn't frowned upon/against the rules.

When reading through the HMH source files, I frequently wished for the ability to do a git (or svn) blame, to find out the commit (e.g. the day) a piece of code was introduced, so that I could go and watch the explanation for it. The current system doesn't really lend itself to that, however it's fairly easy to convert to a system that does.

So I wrote a shell (bash) script to make a git repository out of the code download. You need to be on a unix platform or windows with msysgit/gitbash installed. Drop the script into the unzipped handmade hero code download folder, and run it. Since it works for me, I figured I'd share it.

Anyway, the script is available here: http://pastebin.com/tf6X5jU2. Please don't use this to upload the HMH code to github or similar, but that should go without saying.
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Convert HMH Code Downloads to Git Repositories
I can't speak for Casey, but he's spoken about "the rules" in the past. Legally, HMH code is proprietary (for now), but anything which you wrote is yours. And anything that makes using the HMH code more useful (for you or others) is not only fine, but welcome.