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Help with emacs
How can I make emacs read the colour and fonts configuration from the .emacs file? I started following the videos recently, so I'm still in the earlier classes, and I'm following fine using notepad++, but all the functions and shortcuts of emacs seem like they'd be really useful and speed up my work. Unfortunately, for some reason emacs won't load the colour configuration from Casey's .emacs file. I searched how to change emacs colour in google, but it says to put exactly what already is in Casey's .emacs.

I'd appreciate any help. The reason I want to change the colours, despite the fact that the rest of Casey's configurations seem to load fine, is that the default emacs highlights the line were I'm typing with a colour nearly identical to that of the font, no allowing me to read at all while I'm typing.

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Help with emacs
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I believe the problem is that the font that Casey's .emacs uses isn't on your computer. Same thing happened to me, and changing the font fixed it. I think it's right above the colors in the .emacs. I believe it's liberation mono or something like that.

I just changed it to Courier New because I couldn't figure at where to download Casey's. There's 2 places that needs to be changed I think.
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Help with emacs
It is a free font. You can get it at:


- Casey
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Help with emacs
Thanks! now it works wonderfully!
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Help with emacs

Hello, sorry but it doesn't work, I already had fonts, anyway I replaced using the fonts downloaded from casey link, Emacs still start with white background. I'm on Windows 11

Could someone please help me? Thank you