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#16357 Day 32: TODO Regarding Live Code Editing
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Hi guys!
On day 32, around 01:07:37 - 01:13:00, Casey was told that the replay buffers don't work properly and when he inspected the problem, he said that none of the improvements that he had made to the live code editing to make it faster were necessary. And so he wrote a TODO there that said the following thing: "TransientStorage needs to be broken up into game transient and cache transient, and only the former need be saved for state playback.". I'm very curious to see his implementation but unfortunately, didn't find it anywhere. Do any of you happen to know what's the status on that TODO?
Simon Anciaux
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#16372 Day 32: TODO Regarding Live Code Editing
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I don't believe this has been done in hmh. But the memory system has changed quite a bit (day 474 is called removing the transient state).

One way to implement this would be to use two separate arenas and only store one of them to the disk.