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#15302 Anyone interested on pair programming sessions starting HandmadeHero from scratch ?
1 year, 1 month ago Edited by Hugo on May 16, 2018, 2:11 p.m. Reason: Initial post

I been watching handmadehero for a while now (I'm currently on episode 82), but I just started coding two weeks ago, from scratch.

I was thinking it would be nice to do some pair programming (or something like that) with someone in my situation, ideally someone with a similar skillset, so we can learn together.

I'm actually started two weeks ago, but I'm willing to start from zero if that's better. Something to keep in mind is I'm working on linux, so I decided to put lib allegro as an abstraction layer, so it works on linux and hopefully on windows too (although I didn't try it).

So, these are the semi arbitrary decision I took in my current approach:

- It should work linux (this is not optional, I don't want to install windows, but hopefully we can abstract the problem and use two different OS).
- I'm using allegro to abstract the basic stuff. I don't necessarily plan to stick to it forever, but it would probably be useful until we get to the render at least. We can change this though.
- I changed the naming style to use the more traditional StructName and varName, I don't really care a lot about this, but it has the nice bonus of forcing me to visit every piece of code I choose to copy paste from HandmadeHero. This is totally optional, we can agree in other conventions too.
- I'm not copy pasting all the code but also not writing it all by myself. It's a not well defined combination, I usually will try to write a draft version myself and the compare against Casey's one. Although in the end is more likely I will use the Casey's one. Reason for that is I feel if the code diverges too much from HandmadeHero it will be hard to follow the next episodes.

About myself:

- I live in Argentina (that's GMT-3).
- I work as a software developer, mainly in high level programming languages, although I worked a bit on C++. That means:

a) I'm not learning programming with HandmadeHero.
b) I can be reasonable efficient on C (I'm not an expert or anything, it's just not a problem).

- I never worked on game programming or anything remotely similar to that before.

Let me know if you are interested!
Mathias Ody
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21 y/o; Bored, kanban-oriented, micro-task-oriented corporate programmer; Game-dev degree and hobbyist dev; Falling in love with the CPU.

#15836 Anyone interested on pair programming sessions starting HandmadeHero from scratch ?
11 months ago

I don't think following in pair will be a good idea, as problems with the schedule will inevitably make the whole process more time-consuming.
What I do think this forum could have is a team-up sub-forum, so people can meet and develop with people who also would like a breath of fresh air, programming in C in the old simple way.

I don't know about most of the people here, but to put it short: the only true C programmer I know works in Embedded Linux and will not leave it soon; most programmers I know are OOP over-engineers; game developers are Unity-only guys and "see no point on reinventing the wheel".

This leave me with no option but be the 'lone wolf'.