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Patrick Lahey
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An interesting take on OO
This is a bit off topic for HMH, but I found this article interesting and thought others here might as well:

FP vs. OO

I don't particularly agree with his statement that managing function pointers is hard and Casey has effectively created a "plug-in" architecture (i.e. platform with the game code as the "plug-in") without much trouble.

In any case, I think the distinction he makes between a data structure (a collection of data) and an object (a collection of functions) is an interesting perspective.
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An interesting take on OO
If he goes and defines object orientation as a grouping of stateless functions then sure it's going to be really similar to something more functional. I'm not sure how many people would agree with that definition.

Though really it seems like much of the caustic attitude towards OOP is at the annoying methodology that it presents. I always see lots of bashing towards poor programmers mindlessly following patterns, principles, and rules all in hopes of writing good code.