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David Roguin
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DEBUGLoadBMP and load queue

I remember than Casey mentioned that in order to simplify the platform code he will send a Queue to the game for file loading, but in day 36 the platform just passed in a function pointer that the game is using for loading.

I know that there's a cute DEBUG in front of that function, but the platform passing a pointer function to the game is going to stay for good or will it be replaced by the mythical Queue?

Ville Penttinen
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DEBUGLoadBMP and load queue
I believe all those DEBUGPlatform-functions will eventually be replaced with actual non-DEBUG implementations. At least before "production" builds where HANDMADE_INTERNAL is no longer defined and those functions will no longer exist.

I'm not sure how Casey intends to pass all the platform functions from Platform to the Game. I wonder if there is a better way than simply passing them using function pointers when using the Platform - DLL split. I guess the DLL could 'load' the .exe and GetProcAddress on those functions as well ? Function pointers seem like the easiest solution right now.