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@cmuratori could you add a few minutes at the end of the main stream, walk over the code and summarize what was added, and why you wrote it the way you wrote it?
At most times you are so fast, that it is really hard to follow. I'm mostly investing up to 3h, in each video, to really understand what is going on. The series should be educational, but I'm afraid that there are more people who lose track, after a few minutes, following your thinking process. I believe a short summary would really help to clear things up.
Casey Muratori
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Casey Muratori is a programmer at Molly Rocket on the game 1935 and is the host of the educational programming series Handmade Hero.
I'll see what I can do!

- Casey
Andrew Chronister
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Yeah, this would be quite welcome, especially on the days when you're rushing to get in all the code within the timeframe. Sometimes you gloss over stuff and while it's usually addressed in the Q&A, it would be nice if there were an explicit time dedicated to summary.
Iker Murga
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Casey, if you are thinking of adding more time at the end of the stream to review everything, I would recommend reviewing "chunks" of code before compiling the code again.

Lately (I think during this week, maybe the previous one too) you have made typos which I believe you would have caught if before compiling you just quickly glossed over what you just wrote while explaining the section in a quick way. This would both help in catching those mistakes you made while talking while coding AND help in a review. Then again, this might take longer than a summary... just an idea you could try to see what worked better.

(If you are reading this though I will say that some people I know which draw in classes have all told me at first drawing and talking was extremely difficult and then became easier... coding and talking is obviously different but it might also become easier with time!)