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Shame Owl Acquisition
After hearing a mention of the Shame Owl's origins (Copenhagen), I found a few handy links.

First: The original Danish company.

Second: The owl itself from a US distributor.

So for $43 you too can get your own Owl of Shame.

And for $28 you can get a smaller, slightly stitchier variant.

It's a bridge / spontaneous purchase too far for my grad-student wallet, but for those who'd like a piece of minor-inside-joke history, here's your chance.
Andrew Chronister
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Shame Owl Acquisition
This is a red-letter day indeed! Because if you look at their other paperweight-style plushes, you would see they do indeed have a gorilla one, perfect for a Gorilla of Victory.

And of course, I couldn't help but notice they also have an adorable little dragon available as well.
Shame Owl Acquisition
Do they have ones with eyes? These don't seem to have any stitched on.
Dustin Specht
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Shame Owl Acquisition
Original site (updated link) - http://www.edo.dk/product/907

The other links in the original post don't seem to link properly either.