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Interesting article on switch statements
I found this article about switch statements pretty interesting:


The author goes into detail about how the C switch statement ends up as assembly on a couple of implementations (Clang and GCC) and a variety of situations (e.g. Different numbers of cases, continuous values vs. sparse values, default case vs. non-default case).
Johan Öfverstedt
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Interesting article on switch statements
Very interesting article. Goes to show that you should never just assume that your mental model of how your code will be translated to assembly/machine code is correct.
Neil Blakey-Milner
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Interesting article on switch statements
Totally tangentially, one of the features that I enjoy in D (the programming language) is "final switch" - http://dlang.org/statement.html#FinalSwitchStatement

When used with D's enumerated type, all possible values must exist as case statements, and no default case is allowed. That way if you extend an enumerated type with a new value, whenever you have used "final switch", the compiler will tell you where you need to handle this value.
Casey Muratori
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Interesting article on switch statements
As a sidenote, compilers like LLVM also allow you do to this - if you use an enum for the switch, and omit a default case, it will warn you if not all enum values are handled.

- Casey