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Mustafa Al-Attar
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Working in a software company since 2008 and still. Has been working on an rpg in C++ with OpenGL since 2015 and still.
Integrating/Publishing the game into Steam
Hi there...

I was wondering if the tutorials will show how to publish/Integrate the game into steam. Hope that will be covered.

Also, for anyone who published on steam, what are the requirements for publishing?

thank you

Casey Muratori
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Casey Muratori is a programmer at Molly Rocket on the game 1935 and is the host of the educational programming series Handmade Hero.
Integrating/Publishing the game into Steam
I haven't looked to see if there are restrictions in terms of what can and can't be shown about Steam. They may have "non disclosure agreement" rules that you sign in order to put the game on there that would prevent streaming tutorials about it. So I'm not sure at the moment, we'll find out (much) later since this is something you only care about once you need to ship the game :)

- Casey
Dan Zaidan
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Game programmer. Creator of Eliosi's Hunt. I share the love I have for making games on my Youtube channel: http://youtube.com/danzaidan
Integrating/Publishing the game into Steam
Yeah, the Steam API is guarded under NDA.
But maybe they could make an exception given the educational aspect of HMH, so that the live streams could be password protected and viewers could sign an NDA to watch it! :D