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Andrew Chronister
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Handmade Hero Merchandise
Since it is the Christmas Season and, as we know, Christmas is about fueling the capitalist machine, it seems appropriate to discuss merchandise and consumables for the Handmade Hero Community.

One idea suggested in Day 28 was a shirt saying something along the lines of "I Built a Game From Scratch" -- this got me thinking a little. It'd be cool if there was some kind of "genuine" or "vintage" style shirt (like this) to emphasize our handmade mentality.

And of course we should have "Owl of Shame" and "Gettin' Piggy" shirts just because why not. All these things could work well on mugs or mousepads as well.

Thoughts? Opinions? Designs?
Neo Ar
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Handmade Hero Merchandise
I want a No Poopsauce logo t-shirt!

Owl of shame, gettin' piggy, and something like "I built a game from scratch" are all great ideas I think.
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Handmade Hero Merchandise
No Poopsauce Logo. +1
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Handmade Hero Merchandise
I would also approve of merchandise. I'm not able to do such designs though :D
Andrew Chronister
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Developer, administrator, and style wrangler
Handmade Hero Merchandise
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Mocked up some stuff that probably needs iteration, but gets some ideas on the table.

First: "Genuine Handmade Hero" T-shirt design. There could be a "worn" variant that makes it look more old/vintage.

Second: "No poopsauce" logo (created a while ago). Would work well for buttons/stickers and maybe shirts. I lost the source file so I'll have to recreate it at higher resolution.

If I can get a reference image for the Owl of Shame, I'll mock up a design including it, too. And maybe one for gettin' piggy.

Edit: Here's a rough sketch of an Owl of Shame design.
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Handmade Hero Merchandise
I like the Owl one. But I would like it to be customizable, like
"Collecting Garbage?" <-- customizable
@[email protected]
"Shame on you!" <-- customizable too
Lachlan Easton
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Handmade Hero Merchandise
I really want an image of the Owl Of Shame staring out the window at a garbage man.
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Handmade Hero Merchandise
I would totally buy a coffee mug with the "no poopsauce" logo on it. My ancient GameDev.net mug needs a replacement.
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Handmade Hero Merchandise
Twitch and Teespring have some program in place to allow casters to easily produce and sell t-shirts for their channel. I just bought one myself. These shirts have the twitch logo on the sleeve too. It seems pretty painless to get this to happen. If you want, I can try to find out the Twitch person who seems to be organizing this.

I like the owl of shame design.

I also was struck by a Casey-ism from Day 125 I believe that went something like "Don't touch my pixels". This was referring to everything being from scratch instead of using tools/APIs/etc. Perhaps a shirt with the hero image and this quote would be good?