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Casey Muratori
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Casey Muratori is a programmer at Molly Rocket on the game 1935 and is the host of the educational programming series Handmade Hero.
Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
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Hey guys!

I am trying to figure out what would work best for everyone in terms of the Handmade Hero holiday schedule. I am happy to maintain the regular schedule, pause the series until January 2nd, or anything in between. Could you take a moment to vote on what you would prefer? I want to make sure there is as much Handmade Hero as people want, but not so much that people can't keep up during the holidays.

One option is to just keep on the regular schedule as normal, with perhaps a few streams done at the 11AM slot to avoid holiday festivities, but in general there would still be one episode each weekday. Another option is to keep on that schedule but to do essentially "holiday topics", which would be things like me optimizing the load time on the replay code, or improving the quality of our audio output code, rather than moving on to the game engine architecture.

Yes another option is to keep a mostly regular schedule except for on the 24th and 25th, when there'd be no show. And even another option would be to make, say, Tuesday the 23rd be the last show until January 2nd (after New Years), so the show is essentially off the air during the holidays.

Please let me know what you would prefer!

- Casey
John Meyer
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
Fun sounds good to me. I like fun. I can safely say I am a fan of fun in all its various forms.
Andrew Chronister
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
I say continue on as normal. People (including myself) will probably miss a couple streams due to holiday events, but I've been having to rewatch anyway to clean up stuff I miss due to Casey's quick pace. Also I want to get to real game code sooner :cheer:
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
The regular schedule seems fine, I'm really curious about how you intend to architecture HH.

Thanks a lot for all of this btw, I was about to forget my C.
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
For Thanksgiving I could only watch 2 of the streams and had a daunting backlog to catch up with afterward.

Which is fine, actually, I'd rather have more Handmade Hero to watch than less, but having the holiday streams be a little less tightly coupled to the main streams would make the backlog easier to swallow.
Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
You are archiving the whole thing and you did say you'll answer questions from previous streams, so missing an episode or two shouldn't affect anyone, I think.
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
I think it's nice to work on "fun stuff". Optimization is an important skill to pick up!
Livet Ersomen Strøm
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
I want more rather than less. It should be 8 hours a day or we will never finish this game! I bet you do 16h normally, right?

It's become something to look forward to each day, for me in fact. So I want to say thank you for this. It's already helped me to dive into my own code and fix shit that is just rotten, haha. You made coding fun again, Casey.

I am looking forward to regular shedule, and hope for more.

If there's anything I want more of, it would be actual game-code. But I am more or less happy with the way things are progressing, so, no problemo.
Mārtiņš Možeiko
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
I vote for continue with regular schedule. But please keep videos to 1.5-2h limit. Don't do 2.5-3h videos. Those take too much time to catch up...
ambiguous panda
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
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Keep on the regular schedule. *cough* when is the 24 hour live stream *cough*
Johan Gustafsson
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
Regular schedule is fine with me.
Martin Cohen
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
I can't live without the stream, so I'm for a regular schedule. It's a long wait even from Friday to Monday! As for the topic, I prefer the game architecture or some advanced C stuff (metaprogramming/mixins).
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
I am also for keeping the schedule. During work weeks I'm often unable to view the stream live, especially due to the fact that I am from Germany. But during the holidays I look forward to watching you code live :)
Keith Nicholson
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
Happy to stick with the regular schedule, although as it's the holiday you should be allowed some time off if you'd like! :)
Anssi Lappalainen
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Handmade Hero Holiday Hours
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Regular schedule IS the fun stuff ;)

If you feel like you need to do the fun stuff or postpone any episodes for your own sanity at any point go ahead, but I'm enjoying everything the regular schedule has thrown at us so far. I'm always looking forward to seeing more of it.