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Kickstarter (beginner videos) and other ideas

"C Beginner tutorials by casey through kickstarter funds" were mentioned in some
stream. So any news on that?

Actually would be great to have them as soon as possible!
(would be easier to follow when you know more of the basics..)

other random ideas:
- Someone with the required skills/connections, should start some foundation/organization for those casey's ideas, to start collecting money for it (sponsors, public funding, kickstarters etc) and get started working on them:
[1] Better/real code editor - instead of using text editors still after 30 years
[*] And several other ideas too

- 'Owl of shame' smiley is needed for this forum

David Roguin
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Kickstarter (beginner videos) and other ideas
I'd probably spend money for a book instead of a video series