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Diff of two days of Handmade Hero
Hello everyone !

One feature that I would love to have while browsing the Handmade Hero code would be to diff one day against the previous one. It's an efficient way to understand what's been done to me.

Version control can do that sort of stuff pretty easily. So I have the following question :

- Is there some sort of SVN repos done by someone on which I can diff against ?

- If not, I had the idea of creating my own local SVN repo of Handmade Hero to have an easy overview all the revisions and easily diff all files at any day. But with more than 300 revisions, doing this by hand is... too much. Can it be done with a batch file or something ? Basically what would need to happen is this loop :
1 / Move zipped day into repo.
2 / Unzip and deleted old zip
3 / Commit to SVN with the log being the title of the day
4 / Go to 1 for next day.
It doesn't seem to be too much but I don't want to do this if there's already a diff vision of some sort.

Thanks guys !
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Diff of two days of Handmade Hero
There is a private github repo. How to gain access is explained in the sendowl link I believe.

However with HMN getting gitlab repos per project I think it would be beneficial to migrate it to there (still being private with read access only to those who have pre-ordered the game). Especially with the github prices for private repos the way they are.