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José De Gouveia
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Enhanced Command Line for Windows
Hi Guys,

this is probably Off-topic , but i wanted to share some tips to enhance the Windows Command Line , in case is necessary for you

ConEmu : http://sourceforge.net/projects/conemu/ , this will give you the the ability to use the commandline with Tabs, maximize , set transparency, colors, etc

Clink: http://mridgers.github.io/clink , this will give you some Linux commands , like "ls" , commands history , etc

i hope you find this usefull
Mārtiņš Možeiko
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Enhanced Command Line for Windows
+1 for ConEmu and Clnk. I'm using it both of them for couple years already and cannot stand default Windows console anymore :)

My favorite feature of ConEmu is that it allows to resize console window by dragging border with mouse (like any regular GUI window). No need to go edit properties every time you want to resize window.

And using Ctrl+R or TAB (file/flder autocomplete) in clink makes working in Windows cmdline so much better. And it can do much more keyboard shortcuts on cmdline. It doesn't provide "ls" though. For that you need to install either GNU utilities that provide "ls" or something like Cygwin, MSYS or MSYS2.
Johan Öfverstedt
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Enhanced Command Line for Windows
Thank you. I will try it out. I have been trying different console solutions for Windows but the ones I found really sucked. I will try ConEmu and report back.
Adam Collado
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Enhanced Command Line for Windows
If you like both Conemu and Clink, check out Cmder. It's essentially a prepackaged version of ConEmu and Clink ready to go without any setup required. I use it and it's improved my experience with the Windows Command Line immensely.