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Tim F. Hans
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#941 How many devs here?
3 years, 2 months ago

Greetings - first of all - from Germany!

I get started watching Handmadehero since some weeks - 4 or 5 - and I love it. I am coding as a job (C, PHP, PL/SQL and other stuff) and for fun. I think you can everytime learn something more. I started as I were 10 years old with a Schneider CPC 464 - you know that "machine" in the US?! ;) Start learning coding on Basic and make first steps in CP/M. After that all the time the only thing I were really interested in is coding - how things work. So I start learning C and some C++ on Windows with OpenGl.
As a job I am a developer for Laboratory Information Systems on Oracle Base. For me it is amazing how many things I already know when I watch the tutorials from HMH and the same time learn so much. It is amazing - and absolutely fun. And I like it when Casey speak about old times - better OS like Linux and Unix, because I like to use them for private most ;)

...so enough for now. Greetings to you all and have a nice holiday time and a good "slip into the new year" as we use to say in Germany!! :)
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#943 How many devs here?
3 years, 2 months ago

My first brush with programming was typing in code from Nibble magazine into the family Apple IIe. Then I went on to learning qbase then C/C++.

These days I do regular work in php,js etc. and some Unity programming in C# on the side.

One thing I really like about Handmade (and Blow's new language, since the mindsets are quite similar) is the tearing down of principles and dogmas I'd kind of absorbed and adopted over the years. Stuff like RAII for example. There's so much to learn about performant, low-level code.

Really looking forward to the future of this project!
Karl Kirch
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#946 How many devs here?
3 years, 2 months ago

Backend dev here, mainly in jvm land, but also some fullstack web dev, but never really delved into game dev much. Overall still a rookie to everything (only been doing this for 5 years).

Really looking forward to sharpening the old C axe again and getting some good insight on how to structure stuff in a game.

Super stoked :D

Swift platform layer for Handmade Hero - https://github.com/joekarl/swift_handmade_hero
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#949 How many devs here?
3 years, 2 months ago

I've been into programming for like 8 years. I've got a BS in Computer Science and work as a Java Developer. I also lead the internal development on our company's web based ticketing system.

So, I write Java, PHP, and SQL on the daily. My game programming experience is limited to every college programming class where we got to choose our final project. I always picked a game. And for my graduation project, I wrote a game engine and a demo game.
Mustafa Al-Attar
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Working in a software company since 2008 and still. Has been working on an rpg in C++ with OpenGL since 2015 and still.

#996 How many devs here?
3 years, 2 months ago

Hi there...

My father got an MSX computer at home when I was at primary school. I saw a game called Knightmare on it and decided that I must make one. I learned how to program in Basic first. Later I got ZX Spectrum +, wrote few games in its Basic, and then learned its assembly language, and managed to write a game in assembly. Later I took BSc and Masters in Computer Science. Worked for a year in a software company, then opened a small software company with my friend. In the last 7 years we managed to create a number of applications and systems but making games was never part of our strategy - which sucks -.

Regardless of that in my free time I managed to create a platforming game using VB.NET+AGateLib, then rewrote that using LibGdx for android, and create another game with different mechanics for android just for the sake of learning. I also created part of a game with flashdevelop just to experiment with generating maps at random.

I am currently working on another game which should have huge world, and evolving enemies - in terms of behavior - but I don't seem to have enough time to work on it every day :(
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#997 How many devs here?
3 years, 2 months ago

I first tried programming in GWBasic when i was 9. I got a masters in 3d programming, but for the last 7 years, ive been working in a company doing mostly GIS related work in C# - some C++ and OpenGL. Toying around a little bit with graphics and game programming but lately ive been mostly focusing on Android and iOS, some we and node.js backend stuff. Love the pragmatic and low level way that Casey is programming, the game dev insights and the pure skill and speed of how is is programming. looking forward to more especially opengl/3d stuff.
Joel Davis
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#1248 How many devs here?
3 years, 2 months ago

Heya, I've been programming for 20 years professionally, worked on games and film vfx. Now I'm working on mobile music apps. Really enjoying the streams, it's interesting to see Casey's thought process and see where his approach lines up to what I'd do and where it differs. Also really like the "compression oriented" workflow, I've evolved pretty much the same process though I've never articulated it that clearly.