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Day #001 and 4coder
Hello I never set it up the way Casey did because for some reason emacs was a bit much for me. However even though they are the same I found 4coder a lot easier to use. So I went back and tried to set it similar to Day 1.

However I noticed that the startup.bat was not sticking nor was the shell.bat
I soon realized that the reason for this is because if you run a bat file without run as admin it will only stick to a non admin cmd prompt. And vice versa.

I could have made a shortcut that would cause the batch file to run as admin instead I just opted to use a non admin cmd prompt.

After that it was down to simply being able to launch the editor through cmd prompt. However it causes 4coder and the cmd prompt to hang. So instead I used the start command:

START "Title" "C:\4coder\4ed.exe"

4coder still hangs but it no longer causes cmd prompt to hang. So then I create a shortcut to 4ed.exe and use the START command on the shortcut. 4coder doesn't hang nor cmd prompt. Sadly however due to me having to do all that I can't specify in command prompt what file 4coder should open.

I feel like I'm doing everything wrong and I'm coming up with these unnecessary workarounds. So any help would be appreciated.
Bryan Taylor
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Day #001 and 4coder
No, you're about halfway there. The missing thing is passing the command line args through to your editor.

Here's the batch I use for my editor (Sublime):
@echo off
@start "" /b "C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 2\sublime_text.exe" %*

The `%*` passes along all of the arguments passed to the batch file. `/b` prevents opening a new shell window to host the process.
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Day #001 and 4coder
Thank you! Didn't know about the %* for some reason i thought that was be like by default on. Guess I need a reference or something for batch.

Also in my case /b doesn't act any differently with it in there. It's possibly because I'm using a shortcut.

Lastly any particular reason for having @ in front of the start command? I thought @echo off was the only one you needed to turn off logging.