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Miguel Lechón
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Ticket cost for HandmadeCon 2016?
I'm also in favor of a longer HandmadeCon. The ticket cost increase seems reasonable.
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Ticket cost for HandmadeCon 2016?
I would gladly pay more for 2 days
Casey Muratori
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Casey Muratori is a programmer at Molly Rocket on the game 1935 and is the host of the educational programming series Handmade Hero.
Ticket cost for HandmadeCon 2016?
I feel like there is a lot of free/cheep labour available (I'd love to help for free) can we find a venue where we can leverage this?

Unfortunately, no. This is actually the #1 problem, at least insofar as Seattle venues. Thanks to all kinds of ridiculous union and contractual requirements, the venue rental for larger/fancier venues is completely dwarfed by the required labor contracts that you have to pay to a bunch of people who you don't need.

It really pisses me off :(

- Casey
Aaron Batilo
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Ticket cost for HandmadeCon 2016?
I was fortunate enough to make it to HMC 2015 and would have gladly paid $80 just for the one day. Not that I really have $80 to just throw around, but the things I learned that day can't have any quantifiable value given to them.
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Ticket cost for HandmadeCon 2016?
I'm completely fine with the higher ticket prices to get more time and space.
The talks are such high quality that $80 is still incredibly cheap.
Philip Ludington
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Ticket cost for HandmadeCon 2016?
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I like the two-day $80 version. I flew in from Reno, NV and stayed at a hotel anyways, so considering those costs, adding another $45 gets me a lot more value.

PS The con was great, Thank you!
Carsten Holtkamp
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Ticket cost for HandmadeCon 2016?
I doubt I can afford (time and moneywise) a visit in the US
unless Valve want's to hire me as an OpenGL/Vulkan Coder. :lol:
and pays the move.

How about a HmHCon Europe 2016 - Dublin :silly: ???

Or maby you can submit a talk @
in Berlin this year and we could meet us there?

You shall keep preaching low level game coding in C :D