Reenabling Profiling


  • 421. That to me sounds like a good idea, and I guess we'll find out why it's a stupid idea in a minute when I try it (12:15)
  • 422. Oh, so I guess we do print out END_BLOCK at the moment (28:23)
  • 423. Would you be a lamb and jump me there? (32:09)
  • 424. We just have a bug bug (34:55)
  • 425. Oh, that's amusing. That's actually correct, hilariously, I think (1:10:21)
  • 426. Santa is not good (1:17:39)
  • 427. It would be weird for me to say, like, "Oh hey, you should stay on the chat" while I don't do that (1:30:33)
  • 428. I will tell you that Won Chun is somebody worth watching an interview with, however... (1:32:16)