Laying Out Cutscenes


  • 332. Missing snowflakes, you know how it is... so on and so forth... (21:24)
  • 333. I feel like there were supposed to be more children in it, and I have no idea where they went. They're just gone, apparently. Sorry, kids! (47:19)
  • 334. I try to always keep track of all the children as much as possible. Unless they're just being annoying, in which case you may decide to misplace them on purpose... (49:22)
  • 335. This is the money shot right here, people. This is where it all starts to happen (55:17)
  • 336. That is video games. Ladies and gentlemen, video games (58:01)
  • 337. It always gets great when Kramps comes into the picture, in my opinion. I feel like that's when things start to go well for any video game, as soon as Krampus is in it (59:33)
  • 338. There's a Handmade Hero every weekday. You can always ask questions tomorrow (1:07:40)