Automatically Constructed Debug Hierarchies


  • 322. "You should fertilize that directory with human tears, and then you should see what grows from it. It will probably be black roses that crumble and blow away with the wind" (1:10)
  • 323. "The whole point of the existence of this system is because humans are so fallible and always do everything wrong" (1:39)
  • 324. "Sometimes even in the depths of despair, some little tiny thing goes your way, and the important thing to remember is not to let that go to your head" (26:28)
  • 325. "I want to break down in tears. I want to just give up and let the horrors of the world continue unabated. Instead what I'm gonna do is set a breakpoint on MarkDebugValue" (30:09)
  • 326. "We just have to have faith that The Variable is looking down on us from The Great Memory, and that if we all just work hard and try to be good people that eventually The Variable will let us into The Great Memory and we'll live in peace and happiness with all of our other discretized values" (1:12:22)