Hashing Debug Elements


  • 302. It's sort of like the All You Can Eat lunch buffet of debug information. And like any lunch buffet you end up in a situation where sometimes the sneeze shield doesn't go down all the way and some of those little troughs get contaminated and everyone in the restaurant gets sick... (1:20)
  • 303. We don't know which kind of a lunch buffet our debug system will be yet... (1:50)
  • 304. If you don't like what you have for lunch, the best thing to do is to just eat it as quickly as you can — there will always be a better lunch tomorrow (3:34)
  • 305. One of the things that you need to do as a programmer is that, when you're serving lunch, if you wanna do something where you shift the place settings, you've gotta go through and tell all the people who are coming to the lunch party that they need to move over from their normal positions (5:23)
  • 306. I never remember exactly how the macro processors works, other than the fact that I always remember that it's a giant steaming pile of lunch (7:15)
  • 307. It's kinda like one of those things when you're at the lunch table and you're eating your lunch and your brain just kinda drifts off to thinking about memory allocation (8:21)
  • 308. It's not really a dinner or breakfast thing, it's more of a lunch thing (9:40)
  • 309. First Rule of Programming: You don't eat lunch if you're already full (16:04)
  • 310. That's like getting lunch delivered... (19:50)
  • 311. If you're the kinda people who do tea at lunch, it's customary for everyone to go around the table and take a lemon slice and go, "easy peasy lemon squeezy," and then you squeeze it into the tea. Obviously you don't do that if you drink tea with milk because it'll curdle (23:54)
  • 312. Everyone should eat lunch where they want, and everyone should have the lunch that they want. Don't let other people tell you how to eat your lunch, because that's lunch despotism and it's not okay (25:57)
  • 313. I made a faux pas there. It was a pas that was made of faux (30:51)
  • 314. It's kind of like the programming equivalent of when you go to lunch and you sit at the wrong seat and everyone's embarrassed and it's a horrible thing and everyone goes screaming from the restaurant (31:00)
  • 315. Don't let your whole life be defined by the one bad lunch you ate (32:01)
  • 316. You don't want to eat more lunch than you can reasonably digest, right? A lot of times people go into something and their eyes are too big for their stomach, and they'll just way over-eat the lunch. So what I'm trying to do here is just keep lunch to a reasonable amount of food, so that we don't get too fat, but we do get enough food to keep ourselves going good (55:18)
  • 317. There's always lunch tomorrow. Tomorrow's lunch will be just as tasty as today's lunch and we can eat some of those other foods that we didn't eat today at that time (55:41)
  • 318. Don't forget to eat lunch. Most important meal of the day (1:22:34)